Passer le clavier QWERTY en AZERTY

azerty qwerty

Le live cd de Kali linux fournit par défaut un clavier QWERTY. Si vous utiliser un clavier AZERTY et désirez donc changer le mode par défaut, il vous suffit d’exécuter la commande suivante :

setxkbmap fr
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8 commentaires à propos de “Passer le clavier QWERTY en AZERTY

  1. Hi, during the install i’ve writen a usernam and password. After for connectin it asks me and i put THE SAME ! but it doesn’t work! I tried with root/toor too, my domain name and password but it still say « sorry, it didn’t work ».
    Need help please it’s the second time i installed for this error.

  2. I installed Kali in virtual machine, after changing the keyboard configuration , I turned off my machine, but when I started again it seams like my settings didn’t saved so I should repeat again and again each time I turned on my virtual machine. How can I fix this problem ?

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